A Taste of Darkness: Killshot @ Virtuacon13

You're looking at this site, either because you've been hearing a lot about this Killshot RPG or you're actually out looking for a killer-for-hire and Google brought you here. Well, there's good news for both of you.

Two seats remain available for next weekend's bout of Killshot: Retribution, the very job provided in BRG's free learn-to-play version of the award-winning roleplaying game. A young widow buries her fallen husband, the victim of a revenge-fueled murder. Who would do this to your old friend, Jimmy Boy? The widow knows of your history with Jimmy and she knows what you're capable of. Add to that a little help from a man who only calls himself Roarke and you're about to get a taste of the dark side of crime.

No experience necessary and all you need are lots of dice and a fun, mature spirit. Track down the event on G+ and mark your calendar for October 19th. And be sure to check out some of the other events going at Virtuacon13, such as a panel on Kickstarters by Fred Hicks or any of the 85 other games available right now.


Baby Photos: An Update on Killshot and PCGen

Hey, everyone. Warden here to provide a personal update on something very cool. If you've picked up your copy of Killshot Files #2, you may have noticed a little nod to the good folks at PCGen as sponsors. It's been pretty quiet since we first announced Killshot becoming part of the PCGen family - the first non-d20 game to be available with the award-winning character generating software - but I received an email last week with a little package for me to try out.

Over the weekend, I had a chance to test out the current work and review the existing material for any bugs or errors. The goal of the PCGen team is to allow users to include Killshot as part of the existing core structure so they can create assassins, marks, or thugs using the same tools for assembling a wizard or monk. Their hope is to attract other publishers to provide their games for the free program and it's a great honour to be the first non-d20 publisher and RPG to join the PCGen family.

Now, on to the preview. Remember, there is much is development and anything can change at this point. The main goal of this beta test was to review the existing material and search for any glitches. While a couple of errors were discovered, the essential elements are all there and it was pretty sweet to see a mature theme warning pop up on the screen with the Killshot logo clipped underneath.


Killshot Files #2 Launches Today

You didn't think we were done with this Killshot thing, did you? Far from, assassins. Far from.

Killshot Files #2: Bad Company has just gone live on DriveThruRPG and in it's opening hours has already pulled in a 5-star review!! That's what happens when you put together a 60-page expansion for the ENnie winning game with enough material to take your career to the next level.

  • Death From Within offers complete rules for using poison in your career, including a new focus, the Toxician;
  • Killer Elite: Specialities provides a new concept for your assassin outside of your typical killer skills (but incredibly handy on the job) with 6 specialties to get the ball rolling;
  • Refocused expands the eight core focuses for the hardcore killer and ponies up six alternate ones; 
  • Fresh Marks reveals a new mark that could be more than a handful if you're not careful;
  • Bad Company provides a complete job with five - count 'em, five - marks in what may be the largest job to date.
And all this under the new Pay What You Want program. There's no way you can lose with Killshot Files #2, so what are you waiting for? A fancy invitation? 


Support the Tabletop Drop!!

The new Tabletop Drop is a charity bundle with 10% of funds raised going towards Reach Out And Read, a charity helping connect kids with books. It's a great cause and a great way to discover some new indie games, including our very own Killshot: The Director's Cut

You can learn more about Tabletop Drop here or you can cut straight to the chase and grab the PDF bundle here! To find out about the great things going on with Reach Out And Read, click here


Become Part of the Optional Core

Those of you who've been around here before may have heard talk about something called "Optional Core." It's an ongoing project that's been in development for a while and the gears are starting to pick up speed. The short and sweet of it? A conversion of the Optional System from the ENnie Award-winning Killshot: The Director's Cut to create a quick-play adventure system for use in any setting or genre you want.

To document the design process, yours truly (AKA the Warden) has started the Optional Core Video Journal series on our YouTube page as an introduction to the project and to explain how you can become part of the process. It's a bold project and the more brains we can get plugged into the Matrix, the more electric it'll be.

You can find a link to Optional Core under the "In The Pipe" sidebar to the right or just click right here to join the Optional Core community on G+.


Watch the ENnies Live!!

...and see Killshot: The Director's Cut win one of the five 2013 Judges' Spotlight awards. The entire event will be broadcast live on UStream starting at 6:30 PM EST. Our good friend and member of the Killshot Development Team, Fraser Ronald, will be accepting the award on behalf of BRG tonight reading a speech written by the Warden (who is unable to make the trip from Canada this year). Specifics are not known when this particular award will be handed out, so you're all encouraged to sit and watch one of the biggest awards in the industry from start to finish.

You can also chat live with the Warden throughout the night on Google+ and Twitter.

UPDATE: Watch the 2013 Judges' Spotlight Winners

The entire ceremony is now available for reviewing on uStream, but you can catch what's available for the Judges' Spotlight winners - including Killshot - right here. Unfortunately, the broadcast hit the 3:00:00 mark right in the middle of Killshot's acceptance speech, but something is better than nothing. Enjoy! 


One Year Later: A Breakdown of Killshot Sales

It has now been a year since Killshot was released to the general public and what a year it's been. Add to that last month's surge in sales due to the double whammy of the ENnie award plus releasing Killshot as a Pay What You Want product and this game has definitely exceeded original expectations.

That's all fine and dandy to simply state a product's success without backing it up, so in the name of open content for both our fans and other indie publishers looking to break out with their own material, here's a breakdown of Killshot sales for the past 365+ days.

As of the end of July 2013, here's how many copies of Killshot we've sold. To keep things thorough, everything's divided into PDF, POD (print on demand), and PWYW (Pay What You Want) when appropriate. All numbers are from all OneBookShelf sites because my remaining sales pages (including the now defunct BRG Store and the Paizo online store) have yielded zero sales.


Xmas in July!

That's right, it's time for the biggest sale in our industry and that means 25% off thousands of products on the OneBookShelf network (DriveThruRPG, DriveThruFiction, DriveThruComics, and more). BRG is in on the action as well and we're also listed on the ENnies nominations page with the already victorious Killshot: The Director's Cut (also available as Pay What You Want for the PDF copy).

If you're a fan of independent gaming, bargains, and quick convenience, this is your time to move. 


Killshot Receives the 2013 Judges' Spotlight Award

Wow. That's right, Killshot: The Director's Cut is not up for consideration in any ENnies categories this year. Instead, it has been selected as one of the 2013 Judges' Spotlight recipients by ENnies judge, Megan Robertson (who also wrote up this outstanding pair of reviews for the Director's Cut and Killshot Files #0). According to the official ENnies website...

This year, we are also announcing the Judges’ Spotlight Winners prior to the ceremony to the winners to plan their attendance to the ceremony this year to receive their award. The Judges’ Spotlight is given to a product that a specific judge absolutely loved but was unable to see nominated.

Once again, wow.

This is a huge honour for a little game like Killshot to get such recognition considering the huge field of candidates vying for attention in this year's indie-focused awards and it's incredibly humbling to stand here at this moment. Games such as School Daze and Eldritch Skies that have been noted by the judges as outstanding products in their own merit makes this spotlight all the better.

From everyone involved in the production and playtesting of Killshot, we'd like to thank everyone for this esteemed honour and recognition of all our hard work. And to the fans who have supported Killshot - from downloading the quick-start version to playing in one of our Hangouts to buying the whole shebang - an even bigger thanks for your kind words and enthusiasm.

UPDATE: To celebrate this great day, Killshot: The Director's Cut and Killshot Files #1: Blaze of Glory are now Pay What You Want... including free. There's no better chance to grab the game now at a rate you can afford. 


A Lesson In Fate (or What Happens To Killshot Now?)

Well, it's official. Not more than half-an-hour ago, the Killshot Reloaded Kickstarter closed with only $1789 (60% of its original goal) and time has expired. So what does this spell for the project and the Killshot line in general?

Specific answers are not available at this time and my plan is to spend the next few days going over the wreckage and analyzing the black box of this Kickstarter, but there are a few lessons learned over these past thirty days that will shape not only the future of this game, but this system and this imprint called Broken Ruler Games.

I want to take a moment to thank certain people above all others for their incredible support and words of encouragement during this past month, people who are now good friends of the Ruler and myself. To Vincent Harper, Tre Grisby, Pete Yagmin, Pete Figtree, Brian Kelsay, Jacob Wood, John Dwyer, Kurt Wimmer, Jason Pitre, and the entire Accidental Survivors crew, I want to thank each and every one of you for your time and effort put into this campaign, for every piece of feedback and word of encouragement, and for getting the word out to the public as best you could. It is because of people like you that we're not finished. Not even close.