Recipient of the 
2013 Judges' Spotlight Award!!
"...a very unique and dare I say innovative dice pool system... the game has a definite appeal for those who like to involve strategy in their games alongside how they design their characters." 
Roleplayers Chronicle

"You ought to be itching to round up some players by now, it is that compelling a concept with a ruleset honed to make it work. It's one of the best balances between mechanic and story concept I have seen for a long time.

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All you need to know are three rules...

RULE #1: Don't take the job lightly.
RULE #2: There's always another way.
RULE #3: Don't get caught.

Some of us just don't fit in with the rest of the world. Sure, we can hold down a steady job, collect a paycheck, raise a family, and blend in, but not without stirring up the shit. Trying to be something you're not comes out eventually. Aggression, anger, drug abuse, whatever your poison is. Some of us have demons. Some of us have issues. But some of us - a select few - have a gift we can't deny.

Someone has to do what needs doing. Someone's gotta pull the trigger and someone's gotta die. That's the job.

There's the recruitment end of the speech. The truth is a lot harder, the work more in depth than the brochure would have you believe. It's not just about spraying the mark's blood all over the back wall, it's about the stakeout, the plan, and the escape. Because once you pull that trigger, you'll never have a peaceful night's sleep again.

It's the gritty world of professional hitmen, contract killers, and assassins; the world of Killshot. An upcoming roleplaying game designed with the Optional System, players take on unique roles as bombers, snipers, executioners, hunters, and infiltrators, develop unique skills, options, and reactions to create part of an elite team of deadly killers.

Killshot's designed to provide players with an intense, immersive experience using the flexibility and rapid pace of the Optional System combined with the strategy and co-operation of a tactical war game. Players must devise a plan of action to get the job done right or find themselves staring at the rest of their lives behind bars. Every phase of the job bears equal importance and is not complete until the players have successfully made off without leaving any clues.


So how do you play Killshot? You need to know the rules and we have them covered.

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Killshot: The Director's Cut 

This is it, everything need in one volume. Killshot: The Director's Cut contains everything you need in a single, ready-to-order hardcover volume from An Assassin's Journal and Direction plus more. This collector's edition is designed for die-hard fans of the genre, providing special insights and notes from the design team and playtesters not found anywhere else.

Designer: The Warden
Editor: Chris Groff   Interior Artist: Kieron O'Gorman
PDF $8.00 US, 168 pages BUY!
Print $20.00 US (Hardcover B&W, 172 pages) BUY!

Killshot: An Assassin's Journal 

Your work begins with Killshot: An Assassin's Journal, the premier release for both the Optional System and Broken Ruler Games. Built as a "core version" of the game, it provides everything you need to take on a single job or start an entire career. Learn the rules and have a complete character within 15 minutes and whatever you do... never take the job lightly.

Designer: The Warden
Editor: Chris Groff   Interior Artist: Kieron O'Gorman
PDF $5.00 US, 75 pages BUY!
Print $12.00 US (Softcover B&W, 82 pages) BUY!
Killshot: Direction 

When you're ready to try it as a career, you'll need a good Director and she'll need Killshot: Direction. Learn the foundation behind the rules and gain access to tips on how to be a better Director; choose from optional rules to create your own unique Killshot experience; and create your own jobs, marks, thugs, and achievements. Plus it comes with the first three jobs you'll need to test out your assassins in The Dead Can't Testify trilogy. This book is the ultimate sourcebook for Directors everywhere.

Designer: The Warden
Editor: Chris Groff   Interior Artist: Kieron O'Gorman
PDF $4.99 US, 78 pages BUY!
The game doesn't end there. You'll need more than just the core rules and a trio of jobs to maintain a career and Killshot Files is the source for taking this game to the next level. Every issue contains new articles for assassins and Directors alike, bonus marks to insert into your own career, and a new job every time.

Every issue of Killshot Files will be provided in PDF download for $2.95 US.

Killshot Files #0: Retribution 
(FREE Quick-Start Guide/Job) 

A good assassin does a little research before charging head first into any job, so think of this premiere issue of Killshot Files as your preparation for the real deal. Within this quick-start guide to Killshot, you'll find basic rules, five (5) pre-generated assassins, a Tracker, and a complete introductory job for a good night's work. Once you've gotten your hands dirty, you'll have a choice: look for more work or go back to being the hero in some fantasy land. 

Writer: The Warden
Editor: Chris Groff   
Interior Artist: Kieron O'Gorman
PDF FREE, 39 pages

Killshot Files #1: Blaze of Glory  

You've only scratched the surface, my friends. There's a whole underworld of options waiting for an aspiring assassin looking to live long enough to spend that sweet cash. It starts by focusing on your weaponry, from unique traits available for mastered weapons to building (or buying) specific weapons with accessories.

Plus you'll find a preview of the upcoming Killshot: Reloaded, a Fresh Marks for use in any career, and the Blaze of Glory job designed for assassins with 30-35 training points.

Designer: The Warden
Editor: Chris Groff   
Interior Artists: Assorted
PDF $2.95 (US), 44 pages


There's always a catch, isn't there? Even to become a professional assassin, you have to dish out a little cash to start pulling in the big bucks. Lucky for you, something things are available at no charge when you have the right connection.

Introduction to Killshot How does an 11-page PDF preview of the game sound to you? No charge. The sample chapter from the Introduction to An Assassin's Journal provides you with all the basics you need to know, including what you need to know as an aspiring assassin, the rules, and a sample play of a job in action. 

Killshot Character Record Everything a growing killer needs on their path from rookie shooter to experienced assassin. This 2-page, double-sided character record has all the space you'll need to engage yourself in the game and find all the dice at your disposal to get it done. Includes a personal Hit Chart, mug shot, and achievement list. Permission's granted to print out for personal use and all that other legal crap.

The Tracker Also known as the Director's best friend, this little beauty will keep every series neat and organized while the assassins are shitting their pants trying to stay alive. Print out your own copy and pile on some poker chips because you've got a job to run. Once again, print off for personal use only and don't let me catch you selling these on some street in Bangkok.


A good assassins is part killer, part researcher. They never accept things blindly and study their mark before grabbing hold of it, so we've provided some links to interviews and reviews posted about Killshot to help make your decision a little easier.


Roleplayers Chronicle (9 out of 10)
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Killshot Roleplaying Game by The Warden (Todd Crapper) is licensed 

You can download a public domain version of the Killshot RPG here